EPOCH-Connect Community of Practice

Building capacities to advance research and policy and practice impacts to promote early childhood health and prevent obesity in children under 5.

The Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood Early and Mid-Career Researcher Connection (EPOCH-Connect) was formed in Australia in 2022 by CRE EPOCH-Translate.  Our purpose is to provide networking and capacity-building opportunities for the next generation of researchers to conduct innovative research and generate policy and practice impacts in the promotion of early childhood health and childhood obesity prevention.

EPOCH-Connect is a place for research students and EMCRs from diverse disciplines to connect and collaborate on activities to improve child health in the early years.  It has a specific focus on building capacities for interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge translation to enhance impact in research, policy, and practice in promoting health and wellbeing in children aged 0-5 years.

Members meet online regularly and will have opportunities to share and discuss their research, get involved in advocacy and science communication activities, take part in leadership roles, participate in collaborative projects, be mentored by leading researchers, and apply for awards.

EPOCH-Connect welcomes research students and EMCRs who are passionate about promoting health in early childhood and willing to be active participants in the community of practice.  Membership is free.

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