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Did you know that 1 in 4 Australian children are affected by overweight or obesity by 5 years of age?

Childhood obesity is a prevalent problem that won’t go away by itself, affecting children even before they start school.

We know that it is in this early childhood period that many start and develop the behaviours that contribute to obesity, from poor eating habits, inadequate sleep, to physical inactivity. This can have wide and varied health consequences in the immediate and long term.

Fortunately, a child’s biology and behaviour respond well to change. This means that obesity prevention interventions are more likely to be successful at a young age.

It should be no surprise therefore that preventing childhood obesity is of great political interest, both within Australia and internationally.

The problem is we need more evidence about the best way forward—which is where we step in.

The team at EPOCH-Translate is filling the gaps and leading the way with evidence-based recommendations as to which interventions should be developed and translated into both policy and practice.

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