International Congress on Obesity, Melbourne 18-22 Oct 2022

Hundreds of obesity prevention and management experts from around the world met at the International Congress of Obesity in Melbourne on 18-22 October 2022, covering basic, clinical and public health innovations.  Many CRE EPOCH-Translate members and affiliates contributed to presentations, posters and workshops at the congress.  Selected published works can be accessed below and in the resources section (filter: poster).

  1. What is important to measure in early childhood obesity prevention interventions?  The Core Outcome Set for Early intervention trials to Prevent Obesity in Children (COS EPOCH). Led by Dr Victoria Brown
  2. Interactivity, quality, and content of websites promoting health behaviours during infancy: a six-year update of the systematic assessment.  Led by Ms Danielle Jawad.
  3. Health economic modelling of early childhood obesity.  Led by A/Prof Alison Hayes




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