New paper | The Complex Quest of Preventing Obesity in Early Childhood

In this perspective article, Stream 1 members describe some of the key challenges hindering effective and scalable early childhood obesity prevention. By showcasing several of the studies conducted within the EPOCH network we outline solutions to these challenges which will accelerate the generation of high-quality evidence that can be implemented into policy and practice.  

One of the challenges discussed is the changes in outside influences of behaviour and fade-out of intervention effects over time. A possible solution to this challenge is to take a life course approach to interventions across multiple care touchpoints, whereby a suite of complementary interventions are implemented across multiple stages of childhood and across multiple health and community care touchpoints that support children and their care providers.  

To find out more about the challenges and solutions discussed, and for guidance on how to apply the proposed solutions read the full paper here. 

Get in touch with Stream 1 if you would like to know more about any of the proposed solutions or find out more about our research to see how we are tackling these challenges. 

Reference: Seidler AL†, Johnson BJ†, Golley RK* and Hunter KE* (2022). The Complex Quest of Preventing Obesity in Early Childhood: Describing Challenges and Solutions Through Collaboration and Innovation. Front. Endocrinol. 12:803545.

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