Stream 3 Implementation and scale up

Stream 3 – Implementation and scale up of effective interventions

No early childhood obesity prevention interventions have been delivered and evaluated at scale under real-world conditions.  To achieve public health impact, effective interventions need to be delivered at scale and reach families across social, cultural and economic divides.  The aim of Stream 3 work is to understand the most feasible and appropriate approaches to scale up effective early childhood obesity prevention interventions, including for priority population groups, and deliver them as part of routine services.

Our team leads the field through the delivery and scale-up of two effective early childhood obesity prevention interventions in routine service delivery.  The INFANT program in Victoria provides anticipatory guidance on feeding, play and screen time from birth to 2 years of age delivered through new parents groups by local health professionals.  Healthy Beginnings in NSW supports parents to achieve good nutrition and active play for their child.  First-time parents receive home visits from community nurses from the third trimester of pregnancy to when their children were aged 2.  Both programs had high parental engagement and showed positive and sustained impacts on achieving healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Building on these successful programs, Stream 3 works with state and national policymakers and practitioners to codesign strategies to integrate evidence-based obesity prevention strategies into routine service delivery, including strategies to adapt these to the needs of priority populations.

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