Interactivity, quality, and content of websites promoting health behaviours in infancy

The internet is widely used by parents to obtain health information but there are concerns about the quality, accuracy and credibility of this information. A systematic assessment of 66 infant health websites using specific criteria found that the quality, content, and interactivity of websites promoting health behaviours during infancy ranged between poor and adequate. Moreover, very few web-based platforms provide low literacy and culturally responsive evidence-based information. Thus, highlighting the need for researchers and healthcare providers to leverage innovative web-based platforms to provide culturally competent evidence-based information based on government guidelines that are accessible to those with limited English proficiency.

The paper can be accessed here.

Jawad D, Cheng H, Wen LM,Rissel C, Baur L, Mihrshahi S, Taki S. Interactivity, Quality, and Content of Websites Promoting Health Behaviors During Infancy: 6-Year Update of the Systematic Assessment. J Med Internet Res 2022;24(10):e38641

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