In June, EPOCH-Translate Stream 1 leads Brittany Johnson and Lene Seidler represented the TOPCHILD Collaboration at the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2023 Annual Meeting in Uppsala, Sweden. This was the biggest attendance to date with over 1300 attendees.

Britt chaired a symposium ‘Enhancing the design of interventions to change health behaviours’ with TOPCHILD Collaborators, including preliminary findings from the intervention coding component of TOPCHILD ‘The power of collaboration: deconstructing and learning from existing early obesity prevention interventions in the TOPCHILD Collaboration’.

Brittany Johnson (AUS), Heather Wasser (USA), Jill Haszard (NZ), Carmina Valle (USA)

Lene presented a poster on a landscape analysis of the populations targeted in eligible trials of the TOPCHILD Collaboration, ‘Early childhood obesity prevention interventions – are we reaching the right populations to address this health equity problem?’ during the chaired poster session in the welcome reception.

Lene Seidler

Britt presented a short oral ‘Transforming obesity prevention for children through collaboration and innovative methods’, on behalf of Kylie Hunter.

The team enjoyed an informal meeting with TOPCHILD Collaborators over lunch in the sunshine.

Sophie Nicklaus (FRA), Camille Riera-Navarro (FRA), Jill Haszard (NZ), Lene Seidler (AUS), Cynthia Smith (AUS), Nina Cecilie Øverby (NOR), Christine Helle (NOR), Brittany Johnson (NOR)

Many of the TOPCHILD Collaborators were presenting at the conference too, including in the following sessions:

Symposium: Implementation of digital health interventions promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours in the first 2000 days of life – Kylie Hesketh (EPOCH-Translate) and Nina Cecilie Øverby

Symposium: “Interventions to optimize 24-hour movement behaviors in preschoolers and children” – Vera Verbestel

Short Oral: “Can parenting practices predict adolescents’ 24-hour movement behaviours? A compositional data approach based on accelerometer data” – Vera Verbestel

Poster: Public health nurses’ wishes, needs and expectations for the development and use of a new online resource on early nutrition – a qualitative study in the Nutrition Now project – Christine Helle

Poster: A web-based and mobile intervention providing complementary feeding guidelines to promote responsive parental feeding practices, healthy children’s eating behaviour and optimal body mass index: protocol of the NutrienT randomised controlled trial – Camille Riera-Navarro

For more information see the abstract book

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