PhD opportunity with CRE EPOCH-Translate

The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence EPOCH-Translate brings together world leaders in early childhood health behaviours/obesity prevention research, policy and practice.  We advance research and facilitate real-world implementation of strategies to promote health behaviours and prevent obesity from early life.

This PhD project is part of the broader program of work of CRE EPOCH-Translate to support a collaborative approach to promote optimal child outcomes in early life. Healthy eating, active play and sleep in early life contributes to children’s healthy growth and development, however, apart from weight-related metrics, the extent of these co-benefits is poorly understood. Interventions focused on primary caregivers to improve children’s health behaviours may also generate spillover effects, benefiting other family members. This PhD project will generate knowledge critical to fostering an integrated and collaborative approach to supporting childhood health and development outcomes.

This PhD will be supervised by a multidisciplinary team of experts in child health behaviours from Deakin University, Flinders University and The University of Sydney.  The prospective student has the flexibility to select the preferred location and administering institution for their degree. The student will benefit from being part of the EPOCH-Translate vibrant Early and Mid Career Researcher Program.

The potential student would be supported to apply for a competitive external scholarship. The CRE would then supply a “top-up” scholarship.

We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds including policy, nutrition, physical activity, child health, psychology, health economics or health promotion.

Please contact Dr Brittany Johnson to express your interest. 

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