Prof Louise Baur, President of World Obesity Federation (2022-2024)

Congratulations to CRE EPOCH-Translate director, Prof Louise Baur, on being elected as President of World Obesity Federation.

The World Obesity Federation, an international NGO headquartered in London, is the only global organisation focused exclusively on obesity. World Obesity is a lead partner to global agencies on obesity, including the World Health Organization.

Louise has been a leading voice in the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. Her body of research has helped define management efforts around childhood obesity and improved our understanding of the factors that help prevent obesity in the first few years of life.  Under her leadership, CRE EPOCH-Translate aims to implement and scale up effective interventions to help prevent obesity in the first few years of life.

She presented her views on the urgency of the problem and how it needs to be addressed in this article in The Sydney Morning Herald.  

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