Dr Brittany J Johnson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Brittany Johnson is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Caring Futures Institute, at Flinders University. She obtained a PhD in Public Health (Flinders University, conferred 2020) which identified intervention content to support parents to reduce provision of unhealthy foods to their young children, during the transition from preschool to school. Brittany’s research focuses on improving children and families health behaviours, including diet quality by reducing unhealthy food intake.

She has expertise in applying behaviour change theory and creating supportive environments where children and families live, work and play. She leads the deconstructing interventions component of the TOPCHILD Collaboration funded by an NHMRC Ideas Grant (2020-23). The TOPCHILD Collaboration is an international project that brings together researchers from over 20 countries to transform early childhood obesity prevention, by exploring past, ongoing and planned interventions to understand how they work, and for whom. Brittany is a postdoctoral research fellow in Stream 1 of EPOCH-Translate.

Read more: Dr Brittany Johnson | Publications
Email: brittany.johnson@flinders.edu.au
Twitter: @brittanyjayne8