Dr Jennifer Browne

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Global Obesity Centre, Deakin University

Jennifer Browne is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Global Obesity Centre within the Institute for Health Transformation at Deakin University. She has been working in Aboriginal health in Victoria for over fifteen years. She has a background in nutrition and public health and, before starting at Deakin worked for many years with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health organisations in Melbourne. Her research is highly collaborative and focuses on working with Aboriginal organisations and community members to identify food and nutrition policy actions that are likely to be acceptable and effective for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Jennifer has led innovative co-designed contributions to Aboriginal health research policy and practice. For example, with Aboriginal co-investigators, she identified, for the first time, minimal Indigenous input into population-wide health policy development processes in Australia; published the first international evidence synthesis on the impact of food policy impacts on Indigenous peoples; and developed a new theory-informed framework for Indigenous health advocacy. She has made important contributions to the disciplines of public health, policy analysis, systems science, and the commercial determinants of health.

Jennifer Browne is an Associate Investigator within the CRE and will contribute to the work related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

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Email: jennifer.browne@deakin.edu.au
Twitter: @Powerful0wl