Dr Lucinda Bell

Research Fellow in the Caring Futures Institute, Flinders University

Dr Lucinda Bell is a Research Fellow in the Caring Futures Institute at Flinders University. She is a nationally recognised public health nutrition researcher, passionate about enhancing children’s health and nutrition from early in life. She has a strong track record in paediatric dietary assessment, nutrition epidemiology, evidence synthesis, and the delivery and evaluation of child nutrition and weight management initiatives across a range of settings: childcare centres, families, and communities.

Lucy’s research has helped transform approaches to the prevention and management of childhood obesity and has improved our ability to routinely monitor and measure diet-related behaviours. As part of the initial EPOCH-CRE, Lucy contributed in large to the development and validation of a short dietary questionnaire for assessment of obesity-related dietary behaviours in 6 month to 5-year-old children. As part of Stream 1 of EPOCH-Translate Lucy is leading the development of a standardised core outcome measures set for obesity prevention interventions.

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Email: lucy.bell@flinders.edu.au
Twitter: @LucyBell6