Ms Elly Ganakas

RA working in Stream 3 and KT Projects

Elly is a PhD candidate at the Deakin University Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), and research assistant for Stream 3 – implementation and scale up of effective interventions – of the Centre of Research Excellence in Translating Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood (EPOCH-Translate CRE).

Elly’s PhD research explores equity in implementation and scale-up of population level physical activity and nutrition interventions targeting infants and children. Prior to this, Elly has worked in the policy sector and social research consulting, assisting government and not-for-profit organizations across all stages of the research cycle. She also has experience in research ethics, having worked as a Research Ethics and Governance Officer at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, and is a former intern of the Global Health Ethics team (now Health Ethics and Governance Unit) at the World Health Organization, Geneva.

Elly holds a Master of Public Health, Master of Bioethics, Diploma of Health Science, and Bachelor of Arts.  She assists with various projects across the CRE.