Professor Rebecca Golley

Deputy Director, Caring Futures Institute, Flinders University
Stream 1 co-lead

Rebecca Golley is the Deputy Director at the Caring Futures Institute in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Flinders University. Rebecca is Professor (Research) of Dietetics and leads a Public Health Partnership Agency agreement between Wellbeing SA and the Caring Futures Institute which focuses on evidence-informed practice for a healthy start to life.

Rebecca is a nationally recognized nutrition researcher and leads a program of applied research to inform, develop, test and disseminate public health initiatives to improve children’s diet quality, prevent obesity and support children’s growth, learning and development. Her research spans the life course and the range of settings where children and families live, eat, work, learn and play. Rebecca has a strong track record in behavioural nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, dietary assessment, intervention trials and evaluation research.

Her body of research has helped transform approaches to the prevention and management of childhood obesity but focusing on the role of caregiver and caregiving relationships. She has also improved the ability to routinely monitor and measure obesity-related behaviours.

Rebecca Golley is a Chief Investigator on the CRE co-leading Stream 1.  She will contribute to the work of each of the three Streams of work.

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